Our Service Offering



Creative content, digital, social media and events

We create compelling content that resonates strongly with audiences to support our PR campaigns across all genres of the media.

This includes digital content from videos, infographics and photography, through to websites, mobile apps and games. All geared toward building and fuelling online presence and positive brand engagement.

We have a strong editorial team of copywriters and creatives, who produce all sorts of written marketing collaterals including; reports, papers, brochures, website copy, blog posts, presentations and award entries.

We'll even draft speeches and job adverts for clients - to ensure everything going out in public is coherent, on brand and most importantly on message.

We build and manage the right social presence for each client - based on strategy, insight and data.

Social media audits and analysis, along with planning and activation are included within our press office services.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein

Press relations, editorial, celebs and influencers

Fully integrated 24/7/365 press office services for consumer-facing brands, along with the people and businesses behind them. We are proactive about being reactive!

Our press office services encompass; consumer and lifestyle (B2C), corporate and business (B2B), and vertical market media (B2B2C). This holistic approach ensures we exhaust all avenues for achieving positive 'on brand' media exposure.

Mash PR's media team is highly proficient in producing media-ready press content and stories for the press. From articles to press releases - we understand the media and know how to tell a brand's story.

Equally important is to reach the right people with that story.  Mash executes clever PR campaigns that tell these important brand stories based on a combination of insight and forward thinking. 

We have savvy ways of working with influencers and celebrities for brand endorsements.

In today's always-on media landscape brand-led conversations must work across a broad mix of channels to be seen and heard. Intelligently applied creativity is at the core of making this happen.


Every brand has a story to tell. For people to recall, or act, it must be told in the best way.

International PR and global network management

We offer cost-effective PR and marketing services for brands looking to increase their exposure in overseas markets. This can be for UK businesses looking to grow globally, or international brands who want to conquer the UK and Irish domestic markets.  

We can act as a 'global PR hub' -  where we build and manage an international PR network. Clients benefit from this approach as we provide a centralised point of strategy, planning, creative, invoicing, ongoing network management, activity reporting and evaluation. 

We are equally happy slotting into an existing international network as your local market agency.