Our culture is built on four key values.

These transcend through everything we do.

Our team is non-hierarchical and all ideas are welcome. We have a clearly defined organisational structure - this is so that everyone in the team knows exactly what their role is and how important they personally are to our collective success.


Everyone plays a part!


We give our staff lots of flexibility to their working patterns, locations and hours - this is all based on trust. Trust that the job will get done and 100% effort will go into everything, all of the time.


We are all human and at times mistakes happen. These are best tackled head on and positive solutions found quickly. We foster an honest culture where people can talk about things, without fear of being reprimanded. 



An important part of the Mash culture is respect. Respect for people, their feelings, privacy, points-of-view, individuality, beliefs and property. Respect for clients, the business and everyone we work with.



We believe that having personal pride in oneself, the surroundings and our outputs will fuel respect. This is why we always aim for 100% effort in everything we do. Less than 100% effort does not shout ‘I am proud’!

Teamwork makes the dream work.
— Unknown