We invest lots of time, energy and cash in our talent.

The whole team is equipped with the latest technology to deliver world class services for our clients. We have access to the same digital tools and services as large global agencies.

We have quarterly company conferences - where we learn, plan and share ideas. These are geared toward ensuring that all members of the team know how the business is performing and what the focus for the coming months is.

In addition to monthly lunches and regular team drinks, we also host summer and Christmas parties each year - which are pure social events dedicated to team bonding, having a laugh and time out.



Training and skills development is key to success. Our team frequently has training to ensure we keep abreast of the latest developments within the industry. We also provide time and support for our people to teach themselves new things - for personal improvement, professional progression and well-being.


Once a week we stop for an hour - when everyone in the team spends time investigating and testing a new piece of technology or an online tool. These ‘innovation hours’ have proven highly beneficial to the ongoing development of new skills and identification of apps or services which improve our efficiency as a team.



We give everyone a generous monthly allowance for media consumption and apps - so their devices are always full of the latest tools and tech. They also get to read lots of media which in turn benefits all of the clients from improved knowledge.


Every six months each member of the team can take an additional day off for their own enrichment. These ‘enrichment days’ are generally used for giving something back to society such as charity volunteering or environmental causes. Each person does something close to their heart.

You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.
— Zig Ziglar